Reference list of basic manipulations for canvas and objects on it

When we talk about objects manipulations with mouse/trackball cursor or touch screen, we need to consider a set of standard tasks that are necessary to implement.

This list will help to start with if you design the mechanics from scratch.

Canvas manipulations

  1. Panning the canvas area
  2. Zooming in and out the canvas
  3. Rotating the canvas
  4. Calling contextual menu for the point

Objects manipulations

  1. Selections
    1. Selection of a single object
      1. Selection of specific object if there are several others above it
    2. Selection of multiple isolated objects
    3. Selection of all the objects located inside the selection area
    4. Deselection
  2. Moving the object
  3. Resizing the object
  4. Deleting the object
  5. Adding the new object at a precise location
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