Properties of alerts and notifications

The alerts and notifications (we will call them alerts below for simplicity) typically have a set of properties, that are partially described in previous publications:

  1. The type of alert — like “Collision danger”, “New order” or “Loss of specific functionality”.
  2. Source of the alert — if there are multiple tasks or application in a complex system, it is necessary to distinguish the source of the alert. For instance, it can be an environmental sensor, collision-avoidance system, or specific medical device.
  3. The alert primary message — the text that is displayed in the alert box when it pops up.
  4. Detailed message — advanced information about the alert.
  5. The priority of the alert — how critical the alert is
  6. Acknowledgment status — was the alert acknowledged by operator(s) or not
    1. If the system has multiple users — the user that acknowledged the alert
  7. Activeness status — is the reason for the alert still active or not.
  8. Date and time properties:
    1. When the event of alert was triggered
    2. When the alert was acknowledged
    3. When the alert became inactive
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