Service mode

Service mode is the non-operational mode of the system, in which service-engineer adjusts the settings and sets up the equipment. 



The system should display obvious and emphasized indication about service mode if it is turned on. It will inform that some features of the system are (or may be) disabled, and the system is not fully operational — for instance, some important alerts are disabled.

If there are multiple workstations, these indications should be displayed at all workstations globally — any users, that are not informed about service works in progress, will get notified about it.

Leaving service mode

The possibility to leave service mode to normal operational mode should be easily available. If there are multiple interrelated workstations, and the engineer performs some setup works on one of them, casual users shouldn’t be able to switch from service mode. For instance, entering password can be required, or the workstation should be locked.

Additional service data and features

When the operator enters service mode, additional data and features can be displayed to make set up works more effective. To inform the operator, that these entities are not related to operational modes, specific indications and design elements may be added.


The system should be available to log all the actions performed by service engineer with identification of the user. It can help to identify wrong settings and who was responsible for them.

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