The selection of books that are useful to read to become a better UX and HMI designer.

Books for UX amateurs

  • Jef Raskin. The Humane Interface
  • Steve Krug. Don’t make me think
  • Jesse James Garrett. The Elements of User Experience
  • Jenifer Tidwell. Designing Interfaces
  • Don Norman. The Design of Everyday Things

Human Factors and Ergonomics

  • Mica Endsley et al. Designing for situation awareness
  • David D. Woods et al. Behind Human Error

HF&E books, related to specific subject domains

  • John A. Wise, V. David Hopkin, Daniel J. Garland. Handbook of Aviation Human Factors
  • Bill R. Hollifield, Dana Oliver, Eddie Habibi, and Ian Nimmo. The High Performance HMI Handbook
  • Antonio Di Lieto. Bridge Resource Management: From the Costa Concordia to Navigation in the Digital Age

Systems and IT analysis

  • Karl Wiegers. Software requirements

Information visualization

  • Edward Tufte. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
  • Edward Tufte.  Envisioning Information

Visual design

  • Josef Müller-Brockmann. Grid Systems in Graphic Design
  • Robert Bringhurst. The Elements of Typographic Style

Out-of-topic, but useful books

  • Victor Papanek. Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change.
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