Academic papers

The selection of academic publications related to HMIs and UIs design and research

  • D. Pearce et al. Ship bridge lightning: red or white
    Research on the role of red color lightning for preserving night vision
  • Paul Green. Human Factors and Gauge Design: A Literature Review
    Gauge indicators research.
  • Odd Sveinung┬áHareide et al. Understanding the Eye of the Navigator
    Eye-tracking research of seafarers.
  • Kent Sullivan. The Windows 95 user interface: a case study in usability engineering
    A very interesting and detailed review of the Windows 95 operating system design process. Still actual.
  • Analogue versus Digital Speedometer: Effects on Distraction and Usability for Truck Driving.
    Measuring the efficiency of analogue, digital and redundant speed indicators. Another approval that digital indications win except the cases when there is a need to track change dynamics.